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Happy Holiday?

By Matt Reed

Honestly, I didn’t think the Sixers would get to choose between all those PG’s on Thursday. I thought Teague would go first. Holiday would be off the board. Maynor would get snatched. Part of me didn’t want them to be in that situation, because I had no answer for who I would chose. I started talking myself into Ty Lawson months ago, when the first mock drafts started rolling in. Then I switched over to Maynor, picturing him running the break with Iggy and Lou. I honestly hadn’t thought a whole lot about Jrue Holiday, even after I watched him for two games in the NCAA Tournament in Philly a few months back. Even then, I was impressed with his ball-handling (off the charts) and man defense. I simply saw no situation where he would land in Philadelphia unless they moved up. He was too good. So, with that said, I should be happy, right?
I’m not sure.

It’s certainly not the worst pick that could have occurred (If they had chosen B.J. Mullens, I can’t even imagine the horrific things I would have done to myself in protest). He’s a super athletic point guard who loves to play defense, and he’s one year removed from a Gatorade National Player of the Year Award. If you couldn’t tell, these are good things. Very good things. Yet, why can I not get myself jazzed about the selection? Is it because it may mean the ultimate departure of Andre Miller? Is it because the team has seemingly given up on Lou as a legit PG? Or is it because I’m still questioning every Sixers personnel move even though Billy King is long gone, and I don’t have to worry about him ruining my day ever again?

I think it’s the latter, because I’m the same guy who was furious about the franchise taking Thaddeus Young over Al Thornton, even though Young was a full five years younger and an all-around great kid. It’s almost as if I question any move the Sixers make, even if I sincerely like the player they chose. Like they somehow make that player worse by choosing him. It’s crazy. It’s irrational. I understand this, and I need to get over it. I was dead wrong about Thaddeus, as he’s one of the best (and most underrated) young players in the East, and I actually liked him in college. The same situation is happening with me and Holiday, because I legitimately liked his game in the NCAA.

Make me a believer in the Sixers management, again, Jrue. Please.

Oh, and just for fun, my winners and losers of Draft 2009.


OK City- Rare player who could lead his team at Arizona State through the peaks and valleys of a game without scoring a point. Plus, that bowtie shows me he’s ready to ball with Durant, J. Green, and Westbrook.

Minnesota- Forget Rubio (although I think he’ll be really good). Flynn’s a stud. Think Aaron Brooks with hops and an attitude.

New Jersey- Terrance Williams was one of my favorite college players this season, with his defense, passing, and energetic flare. Everyone says the jumpshot needs work, but he has good rhythm in his form, and the points will come, especially with Carter in Orlando now. By the way, I learned he wore a Barbie backpack around the Louisville campus this season? Did anyone look further into this?

Me- I’m a winner as long as Brandon Jennings continues to exist. We all are. The boy is a genius.


Kings- Watching the evening unfold with my good pal Pete, he offered this insight ½ a second after Sacramento selected Tyreke Evans as their PG of the future: “Won’t play a second of point guard in The League. Terrible pick.” Well then, at least Bilas loved him.

Blake Griffin- Good luck, buddy.

Tough,Successful, Team-Oriented College Players 6’7’’ or Taller- The early part of the second round gave us Dante Cunningham (Villanova, 33), DaJuan Summers (Georgetown, 35), Sam Young (Pitt, 36), DeJuan Blair (Pitt, 37), Jon Brockman (Washington, 38), and Derrick Brown (Xavier, 40). You’re telling me none of these guys could have snuck into the mid-teens instead of Earl Clark or Austin Daye? Really? Those two guys are THAT much better?